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I am a marketing and operations expert who helps creative entrepreneurs find purpose in their work, take massive action in building their best life, and make an impact in the world. 


I'm Jessalyn.




Yet, I hadn’t the slightest idea of whom to serve and what to build. 

As a child, I wanted to create healthy treats for dogs (at the time, there weren't a whole lot of options), which is when I started my first business. I created the packaging, backed the treats, designed the marketing pieces, and did the sales (to teachers and neighbors). I don’t remember why I stopped, but thinking back now, I was definitely onto something!

In college, it was medicine. I wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon and everyone (including myself) had high hopes for my future. I was focused on my future and made all the right moves. And then, suddenly and without explanation, my dad died. I was broken, empty and lost. I changed career paths to business and traveled the world, constantly searching, though the internal drive for more never left.

Shortly after graduation, still struggling to find some answers, I decided to turn down my job offers and become a personal trainer. This is when I realized just how much I could serve others and change lives, including my own. I loved the environment, my clients, my peers, and the energy. 

For as long as I can remember, I always had a strong ambition to              and                



After awhile, when we were expecting our first child, I realized my goals didn’t align with the company’s, and I decided personal training would remain a part time hobby for me. Plus, I was ready to jump back into my career and accepted a really great full-time offer in the corporate world. Pretty quickly, I had my hands in a lot of areas.

I oversaw the company’s marketing strategy and initiatives.

I helped spearhead a total company-wide rebrand. 

I managed a multi-million dollar budget for a nationwide team. 

I drove forward operational efforts to align with the company’s vision and goals. 

I was able to work with some of the most influential people in government and policy, and I learned from the best in operations and marketing. I loved the challenging, fast paced, constant growth environment, and I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and the skills I’ve learned. 

From fitness to kids to corporate.

Despite all of that, I craved more. I craved the ability to build and grow my own dream, instead of someone else’s. I started testing and practicing my skills outside work. 

I worked with small startups on their content marketing strategies, business plans, and operations.

I started and grew a food blog to 20,000+ visitors a month in less than 5 months. Why’d I stop? To be honest, I don’t enjoy cooking. The website is still live and still grows in traffic every month.  

I built websites, managed social media accounts, designed ads and marketing materials.

Between my corporate job and my side hobbies, I grew my expertise in content marketing, branding, design, financial planning and operational efficiencies (oh, and physical fitness training). Weird mix, I know. 

Creating, building and growing is written in my DNA and it’s what makes me tick. I spent so long suppressing my dreams and what I ‘could be capable of’ and settled with what was comfortable and reliable. I am so ready to serve you and help you grow your business and build your best life!

Entrepreneurship is in my blood.

I craved to build my own dream, not someone else's. 

you have a dream too

I am here to serve. I am committed to helping you chase your dreams (whether it be in your business, career, or personal life), reach your highest potential, make change in this world, and build a life that you love- one that is vibrant and thrives off your passion and dedication. 

Here for you...

I want to help you thrive and live a vibrant life. It requires action, and I know too well how tough the first steps can be. Building something from scratch, gaining momentum, making improvements, pivoting, success - it all takes a lot of effort. There are no cake walks here!

You don’t have to know your end goal, your purpose, or your ultimate dreams right now. But, if you have an internal force driving you towards something bigger, you do need to start. It’s ok to be scared (that’s a good sign!). It’s ok to pivot later on and change course (I did plenty of times!). Success doesn’t happen overnight- it takes a lot of dedication and intentional work. 

I know you have what it takes to live your best, vibrant life; to find purpose and fulfillment in your work; and to make a lasting impact and change the lives of others. You are capable and you do have the power to make that a reality!

So, are you ready!?

It's your turn!


Saturdays are meant for strolls through the farmer's market, indulging your favorite (but healthy) latte, cafe hopping, short runs, lots of cuddles, & hours near the lake. 


Some of my
Favorite things


Running is my stress reliever, my escape to reset, my excuse to explore...It just so happens to burn calories & help me stay in shape. 


Some of my
Favorite things


He’s slow to temper, an amazing cook, my biggest supporter, the best dad, & a total hunk! Im blessed he chose to do life with me by his side!


Some of my
Favorite things


The greatest joy and adventure of our lives! He's loud & vocal, but sweet & compassionate. We often wonder what we ever did before him & we thank God for filling our lives with so much love.


Some of my
Favorite things


For years we loved traveling the world & doing anything that got our adrenaline going (our first date was skydiving!). Now, we find adventure nearby: hiking, biking, camping & more!


Some of my
Favorite things


Do I need to say more!? Sitting in our back yard, listening to some slow tunes, reading a book, or cozying up to the wine is always a good idea. 


Some of my
Favorite things

I believe true happiness, fulfillment and success come from the growth and constant improvement in all pillars of life: your health, mindset, relationships, and work.

MyBucket List

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
Learn Cello
Write a NYT Bestseller
Raise our kids on a hobby farm
Also live on the water
Own my own cafe with AJ
Learn Dressage
Compete in Ninja Warrior (Ha!)



Are you ready to live your best life?